The 2nd Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar – Dec. 5th 2020

The 2nd highly sensitive men’s seminar will be held Dec. 5th online via Zoom. Join us for a poignant and life changing experience that asks the fundamental question: how do we find greater self-realization through meaningful work?

We HS men know that truly meaningful work combines the head AND heart in service to others as we navigate this life. Learn with other HS men in convivial community as you are both seen and heard. If this is your first time joining us, being in community with other HS men is a powerful and enriching experience since so many of us have never known another HS man.

Make your plans to join us for this end-of-year event during this year of the highly sensitive man. Highly sensitive men, we need you to step out of the shadows and be seen and heard!

Please share with all of the highly sensitive men in your life!

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