What If Working From Home Goes on … Forever?

Working from home has become the norm in many cases during the pandemic and has provided many companies with the opportunity, forced by necessity, to learn by doing. It’s always been a given that working from home is not for everyone but may work extremely well for some people, particularly high performers. This NY Times article thoroughly covers the present state of working from home and the many issues we face.

I found it amusing that they agreed with my long standing observation that 2 days of working from home is just about the point where we begin to feel the need for socialization. An ideal work from home arrangement might include 2-3 days at home and 2-3 days in the office with flexibility to shift either way to keep it fresh. This is especially true for the high sensation seeking highly sensitive person because we are forever in need of novelty and new experiences. With flexibility to determine what feels right for us we may be better able to stay ahead of the boredom susceptibility aspect of our trait and enter flow states.

I also was struck by several of the quotes from the article and could not help but think the “madhouse” environment of many offices has come home and some who enjoy that environment seem to actively seek ways to bring the same frenetic energy to work from home arrangements. HSPs recoil in horror at this I’m sure! Many of us may also find it interesting in an ironic way how some workers describe the home environment as simply not working for them. Many of us have been saying something similar about open office environments for many years! The irony…

If you are like me and have been working from home for years the issues raised in the article are likely non-issues. You likely have figured out ways to seamlessly accomplish work, while not overdoing it and still maintaining a functioning household with or without kids. You have probably become used to slipping in at odd hours to do 10 minutes of work then slip right back out to your patio or backyard.

What you learn after working from home after more than a few years is how to redefine work and your personal life. If you are wise enough to work at something you have some intrinsic interest in, it does not seem like work. Moving seamlessly between the personal and professional become second nature and worrying about what is one or the other becomes meaningless because it all simply becomes what you do and who you are. That level of integration only comes with possessing a high level of self-awareness coupled with a commiserate level of professional competence.

What’s your working from home story? Like it or hate it?


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