Ten Tips from the Stoics on how to Live our Lives

More timely advice from the Stoics to round out our Friday! This time we learn from Seneca, who is perhaps the most accessible of the Stoics and provides us with practical guidance about how to live life. And you thought philosophy was boring!

The ten tips in this video equally apply to ALL people, regardless of HSP or not, and it is advisable that we HSPs do not allow ourselves to feel so separate or different from other people. We are still people in the end with many of the same concerns and challenges in life regarding HOW to live our lives.

The Ten Tips

01. Exercise your mind daily
02. Heal Yourself
03. When Hungry Eat, When Tired Sleep
04. Seek your own Applause
05. Learn the art of contentment
06. Live for others
07. Boldly face the struggles of life
08. Find an anchor, be an anchor
09. Don’t just live long, live wide
10. Create your own philosophy

The “live wide” tip is perfect for HSPs and HSS/HSPs who really do need the breadth AND depth of continually improving knowledge and experiences, coupled with long reflection and context. Seneca advises us to become “students of life” and develop our own unique and personalized philosophies that mirror our true selves and not simply that parrots our cultures.

Which tip from Seneca resonates with you the most?


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