Why are some people better at working from home than others?

If you have moved to working from home in this pandemic, and it is your first time trying to mesh your working life with your home life, here is an interesting article with a few good ideas to consider.

One of the key factors that determines how well working from home equals productivity is conscientiousness. I noted conscientiousness in my 2015 book, Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career, as the only known correlate to workplace performance. Conscientious people will be conscientious whether at home, in an office, or on a houseboat in the middle of a lake.

Highly sensitive people tend to be high in conscientiousness by the way, a finding backed up by my big survey for the same book where almost 97% of HSPs surveyed agreed with the statement “I am conscientious.”

It helps to be conscientious but it also helps to be comfortable without being in an office or needing the social energy of being out of the house. Introverts need socialization too but in lesser amounts and for shorter durations. Working from home can be the best arrangement for many more introverted HSPs.

The articles does raise the issue of being effective at creating and enforcing boundaries, both for others and for yourself. It’s too tempting to just get up and do something else at home and it is essential that we take work seriously and focus when we need to for periods of time. Some of us are very good at this and some need to work on it. Others may find it to be impossible to set those boundaries and need the structure of a workplace outside the home, especially extraverts.

I suggest to you that working from home, if this is your first time, will take some time to adapt to and you will need to give it some time and not rush to quick judgements. In some ways, working from home is infinitely preferable to a noisy, crowded, and busy office, but in other ways it can lack in certain ways that you will need to make up for with additional activities.

Many HSPs will love working from home, while others will seek to return to an office, or workplace. I have found working from home to fit seamlessly with my life and I can transition easily from non-work tasks to work tasks throughout the day.

How have you adapted to working from home, if applicable?


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