The Power of Letting Go: Lessons from the Tao

“There are also those who swim against the stream. These are the biggest energy wasters in life.” Many highly sensitive people swim against the stream as they feel resistance from their societies to who they are. The smarter strategy is to let go and stop swimming against the stream and trust that your natural traits will lead you somewhere.

It’s often the case that the more we seek to control, the less we end up controlling. If we refer to the Tao, the Chinese philosophy of letting go, we should not seek to be anything other than what we already are and trust that we, as a part of nature, are also part of the system of things that ebb and flow. Taoism advocates for “letting” go in ways that we HSPs can benefit from in very specific ways. For one, our natural tendency to process information and input deeply is a form of seeking to control. The reflective capacity can be paralyzing in some HSPs as they become too consumed by the what-ifs and never make it past the anxieties and fears to actually engage with meaningful experiences in life. The result can often be that some HSPs almost intentionally become less than they are capable of by not cultivating a philosophy of letting go.

To counter the natural deep-thinking that nature has gifted us with we need to practice not thinking as deeply and not fearing every possible what-if. This does not mean we do things that are imprudent or fail to ensure our safety or the safety of others, but we loosen up a bit on the over-analyzing and allow ourselves to have more experiences in life.

Taoism also teaches us to allow a natural space in relationships, rather than seek to control and resist. Often, what a partner needs is space, not control or solutions. The simplest thing in the world is to simply give someone space, as it entails no effort on our parts, nor does it cost us a thing, yet we feel compelled to solve every problem, absorb all the energies of a partner, and deplete our own psychic energies as a result. Instead, the Tao advises us to allow a space where emotions can cool, perspective can be gained, and where natural order is restored. It’s not always pleasant for sure! We want to help others but often we may end up confusing things further for the person when he should be left to resolve it on his own (perhaps he needs to practice letting go as well).

As we all endure this anxiety-laden time in our history, it is important to remember that we are all part of a natural order of things that are in greater harmony when we allow a space for things to unfold, trusting that in time all will be in balance again.

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