Empowering Parents with Sensitive Children

This is Day 15 of the 2020 Empowerment Guide For Sensitive People! Megghan Thompson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor and a Parent Coach/Mental Health Consultant. She has been working with Highly Sensitive Children, teens and their families for 10 years, and owns a group private practice in Maryland that specializes in working with HSCs, HS teens and young adult HSPs who engage in life-threatening behaviors like daily meltdowns, aggression, suicidal actions, promiscuity and self harm.


Megghan’s mission is to defeat the statistic that HSPs make up 50% of the population that seeks therapy but only make up 20% of the population. She’s doing this by building an army of parents equipped with the support and accountability to rapidly transform their relationships with their children.

Megghan is not highly sensitive; she has a highly sensitive sister which had a major impact on her early years. In her insightful article, she describes her experience and the issues that her family had having a sensitive person in their midst, especially since no one know what sensitivity was or what her sensitive sister needed. Furthermore her parents had a traditional parenting approach what created additional struggle.

Because she is not sensitive but also shared the same early environment as her sister, Megghan has the ability to see multiple perspectives which is very useful for her work and also for us if we seek greater insight into the challenges of living and working with non-sensitive people and how they may feel challenged by us. It is wonderful to have one person able to articulate those different perspectives as well as Megghan does.


Empowering Parents With Sensitive Children

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