Living By My Own Rules: A Guide For Sensitive People

This is Day 13 of the 2020 Empowerment Guide For Sensitive People! April Snow, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist in downtown San Francisco who specializes in working with Highly Sensitive Introverts.


April strongly believes that being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) doesn’t have to stop you from living a fully engaged life and is on a mission to help HSPs create a life on their own terms so they can manage the overwhelm and start to thrive.

Sensitive people often discern that they need something different from what others need but often have difficulty making it happen for themselves for a variety of reasons. April explores the issue of living by your own rules in her article based on her own experience. She discusses some of the issues she faced and the choices she made. I particularly love her discussion about the importance and relevance of self-compassion for sensitive people who want to take charge of their own lives in a way that works for them.

Living By My Own Rules: A Guide For Sensitive People

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