Setting Boundaries for Responsive Sensitive People

This is Day 11 of the 2020 Empowerment Guide For Sensitive People! Today’s article is by Ritu Kaushal, author of the memoir The Empath’s Journey, who writes about boundaries for sensitive people.


Ritu writes about highly sensitive creatives on her blog, Walking Through Transitions. Her work has been featured on Sensitive Evolution, Tiny Buddha, and Elephant Journal. Ritu was recently awarded the silver medal at the prestigious REX awards, instituted by the United Nations & iCONGO in India, and given to people creating social impact through their work.

One of the important interests (and needs) of sensitive people is to develop the skill of setting boundaries. It might seem like no big deal but actually it is. The empathetic, energetically oriented nature of sensitive people does not make it easy to discern where to place boundaries especially with other people. It may actually be easier to set boundaries for ourselves (I will only eat one slice of cake) than with others which is why setting boundaries is a trial and error process. Since sensitive people are all different, there is no one size fits all for setting boundaries.

Ritu has provided us with an article that will help. She explores the issue of boundaries by taking you on a journey through her own efforts and experiences about setting boundaries and what she learned as a result.


Setting Boundaries For Responsive Sensitive People

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