DrTracyCooper Patreon page now LIVE

Join me on Patreon as we create a learning community just for highly sensitive people. Together, we can co-create a learning community with real value for all HSPs by exploring a number of important topics. Among those will be the often misunderstood, yet poignant Misophonia, a frustrating and irrational sensitivity to certain noises that a number of HSPs seem to experience; more on HSPs and careers; much more on Positive Disintegration; and much, much more on the sensitive sensation seeker.

I cannot do it alone, though, because creating meaningful work takes time. Subscribing to Patreon frees me up to spend more time working on the issues and topics you care about the most. Want to learn more about a particular area of Sensory Processing Sensitivity? Simply subscribe to my Patreon page and contribute your suggestions, I will listen.

The content on my Patreon page will be more in-depth than I able to offer here on FB. Additionally, I will record videos discussing each topic, since so many of us learn better by seeing and hearing. There will be a monthly video conference for those at the moderate to higher tiers of membership and one-on-one sessions for those at the higher tiers. That’s a great way to get your questions answered or insights provided on your career dilemma or how to contextualize life as a sensitive sensation seeker.

This new learning community moves us beyond the anonymous and isolated world of book publishing to one that is interactive, responsive, and easy to understand, wile remaining rigorous, rooted in the research, and flexible enough to adapt to changing times. Technology will surely change over time and, along with that, how we are able to interact, share information, and form learning communities that can provide vital educational experiences and support.

I invite you to join me on Patreon…


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