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The ability to think critically and creatively are more in demand than ever before as our world becomes increasingly complex and as thinking skills continue to decline.  The MLA program that I oversee at Baker University seeks to engage students in a lifelong practice of critical, creative thinking that can immediately find application in their careers, communities and personal lives.  I can’t think of a better way to simultaneously spend several years exploring fascinating topics taught by passionate teachers AND gain the type of critical, creative thinking skills so desperately in need by industry, organizations, and our society.  As highly sensitive people it is incumbent on us to push our limitations, develop our capacities and engage our creativity in ways that allow for a fuller blossoming of potentialities in service to our often deep need for meaning in life.

I am very proud and humbled to lead this program as the chairman and I challenge any HSP considering a masters degree to consider this wonderful program.  We highly sensitive peoplee must move beyond the simplistic wrangling we so often see with simple descriptions of what it means to be an HSP and on to what it means to apply and embody it in a complex world.  In hindsight, the MLA at Baker University is the degree I WISH I had sought when I was in graduate school!

On a personal note the MLA program is one of the endeavors I engage with on a daily basis.  I teach in the program as well as lead and though it took many years to find a place in life where the challenges were sufficient and recuring (due my being a sensitive, sensation seeker) I feel a sense of placeness with this program that makes me think my contributions are meaningful, necessary, and generative beyond myself.  My path to teaching and administration (like the paths of many sensitive, sensation seekers) was unlikely and fraught with obstacles and setbacks but through resilience, perservance, and a belief that my capacities mattered I completed what became quite an organic journey.  The journey would have been much richer and fuller in the MLA program.              -Tracy Cooper


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  1. I’m interested in this course. And would like to talk with someone about the benefits of taking it and the differences between online and in person. I currrently live in denver.


    1. Hi Jenn,

      Thanks for your reply and for your interest. The MLA is a master of liberal arts program so it’s much more than one course. The MLA is a completely online program (no on-campus work), takes on average about 18-24 months to complete, and students take one course at a time in seven week sessions. One of the best aspects of the MLA, besides being able to choose coursework that matches your interests, is the focus on critical, creative thinking that unfolds throughout the entire program. Students learn to think better, to think critically and creatively, and to do so as part of a lifelong practice. If you’d like to speak to an advisor please feel free to email the MLA advisor at or call Jamie at 913-344-1237. I would also be happy to speak with you further about the MLA program if you like (I am the program chair).




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