Premier of Sensitive – The Untold Story

The wonderful new documentary by Will and Diana Harper had its world premier last night in San Francisco at the Legion of Honor Museum.  I livestreamed the event as did many of you and what an incredible gathering of the global HSP community it was!  HSPs from at least 50 countries streamed the movie live and the theater in SF was sold out.  For the first time that I am aware of HSPs came together in a real way to publicly share in our personality trait with the world.

For me I was quite anxious to learn which part/s of the hour of footage we shot last November would actually make it into the movie.  I was happy to see each of the three segments I was in as they appeared on the screen and very gratified and humbled to be able to contribute to a groundbreaking movie with the potential to help so many people come to a better understanding of their innate personality trait or of someone they love.

The movie itself, of necessity, was broad based and covered a range of topics.  I was happy to see the hard scientific evidence included along with interview segments from the researchers conducting the work (including myself).  Elaine Aron skillfully guided us through a journey during which we learn how she originated the trait as separate from introversion and shyness.  Later we learn of the importance of early acceptance by parents and caregivers for HSP children.  Moving ahead the movie covered work and career with a variety of topics raised.  Relationships and an overarching vision of HSPs as different, but not separate from the other 80% of the population, rounded out this survey of the trait and served to introduce HSPs to those who may not know them.

My hope for the movie is that it serves as a doorway through which HSPs and non-HSPs may enter and learn more about the inherent strengths and challenges of the trait with an eye toward greater inclusiveness  and acceptance for those who are slightly different, but still necessary to the health and well-being of the human race.

In the end we HSPs are part of a reciprocal relationship wherein we serve the function of thinking and planning very deeply, creatively solve problems, heighten aesthetic awareness and appreciation, and soften a harsh world.  We all need each other.

We also learned last night that the second movie will primarily address HSPs in childhood.  This will be a critically important new movie for all HSPs to view and study.

Highly Sensitive = Strength~

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