Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career

You may have noticed I have been absent from creating new blog posts for a few weeks.  That time has allowed me to put the finishing touches on my long-awaited book addressing HSPs and careers.  The book is titled Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career and is based on the Cover jpgwork of Dr. Elaine Aron while extending her research into the imminently practical arena of career.  So many of us HSPs have a difficult time finding just the right working situation, myself among them, and that experience led me to base my PhD dissertation on the subject and, now, to carefully craft a  well-researched new book geared directly toward the HSPs who wish to know themselves better, better understand how the 21st Century offers us opportunities that did not previously exist, and connect us with impassioned narratives from our fellow HSPs.

I’ve pulled out all the stops on this book and held nothing back.  In Thrive you will find results of two studies that revealed the way we HSPs experience career, plus hard numbers that back up my findings.  You will also find much more from me in the way of analysis and advice that is more practical in addressing the real-world circumstances we all find ourselves in.  I give you less romance and more practicality in plotting your way forward.  While I fully support HSPs finding their true calling I realize and appreciate the depth to which we struggle with empathy, overstimulation, and stresses.  However, I do not dwell on the challenges, rather the strengths we all embody (and there are many).

Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career is written to educate and inform the newly aware HSP in finding themselves, as well as helping those who have been around for awhile and may have read HSP books, but need something more concise.  Thrive is an educational journey in and of itself as you explore areas of life like self-care that are often neglected in the hectic day to day rush.  Additionally, I explore the high sensation seeking highly sensitive person in this book and provide insight and advice for the 30% of us who are, both, highly sensitive and sensation seekers.

Every HSP should have this book in their library.  Preorder your copy at!  Release date is anticipated to be Aug. 1st!

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