A New Spring and a New Beginning

Spring has arrived in Missouri, the grass has awakened from its dormancy and now flatters us with a delicate shade of green apparent at no other time in the year and with this revival and renewal of the life force I have created this blog to begin a new level of immediacy in my work on highly sensitive people (HSPs).2013-04-29

First and foremost I am an HSP.  My work as a researcher is geared toward better understanding how to live life as such.  I am also a sensation seeker, which is a separate personality trait, and one that constantly interacts with high sensitivity for me and many others.  I dedicate this blog to all who may benefit from thoughtful observation and answers to their most pressing problems.

I plan to post once or more per week depending on my working schedule and inspiration.  I derive topics directly from your input so please make suggestions for what you would like to have me address.  The blog format allows me to have an immediacy that is not possible in books.

I am happy to cover any topic related to HSPs and HSS/HSPs including career and the HSP, creativity, flourishing, self-care, empathy, early childhood trauma, male HSPs, and many other issues that are likely to be of great interest to some like anxiety, depression, and issues of self-esteem.  Please feel free to post comments and questions and welcome to our blog!

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