Empowering the Sensitive Male Soul-dr tracy cooper

“I wish I had this book when I was young. This is a must read for any sensitive males as well as the parents of sensitive males. If you are not into reading, I strongly suggest the audible version. Larry does an outstanding job reading this book. I found the answers to so many questions in this book.” Amazon reviews~

The Work-From-Anywhere War Is Beginning-hsp version


Working from home at times and in ways that work for us is exactly what I have advocated for as presenting the greatest flexibility allowing us to balance work with our twin need to create our work spaces and how we work that are uniquely suited for our needs. Now, it appears that ‘top talent’ has committed to a new cultural shift that will filter down to all other echelons.

Ironically, I just read another article about Disney’s CEO sending a company-wide email to employees stating that they “must return to the office at least four days a week.” The old guard of wealth and power is loath to acknowledge people do not require constant supervision, nor do people enjoy open-office floor plans or incessant office chatter and bland, mundane corporate bureaucratic platitudes brainwashing employees to think of them as ‘family.’

Smaller, more agile companies and startups have largely already pivoted to embrace work from home or work from anywhere strategies. It’s less overhead, less stress for employees, and if productivity is equal or better, there is no case for forcing employees to work in an office full of distractions, stress, and mandates, let alone require travel commutes that are a continual source of stress and unease with most workers.

If your job cannot be done at home or from anywhere with an internet connection then this post is not for you. Obviously, there will be careers that rely on in-person performance of job duties but if your career choice offers the practicality of more time at home where you can control your environment to suit your needs, more time and attention to family, and far less travel time, this is an exciting cultural shift that should become as embedded in the working culture long-term.

If your career choice does not allow for work from home perhaps it’s time to think about doing something different in 2023? In the past, we could only outline a sketch of what a temperament-appropriate career’ might look like but now here it is and, if you need to make changes to take advantage of the new realities allowing for work from home or work from anywhere NOW is the time to skill-up, level-up, and adapt your life to YOUR needs…

sensitive men rising-the challenge

Just 4 days left for our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for filming on Sensitive Men Rising – The Documentary! We are only a bit over 3k short of our goal of 25k and with your help we can make this happen for ALL people.

Sensitive men are so much more than what anyone thinks or believes and the film will feature diverse and illuminating narratives from the men themselves! We don’t shy away from the rough parts of being sensitive in a challenging world, nor do we aim to create a film that is ‘here and gone.’ Instead, our conscious intention is to open the door to understanding that will last generations!

I sometimes wonder to myself how many men are in the high group of Sensitives and do not know it and I think how the right film can be the vehicle that’s in the right place and right time for many guys to see the trait within themselves as a net positive.

Luke Goss said it best when he said that it’ll be our ‘collective’ narratives from many different realities that will tell the entire story. Whether you are a tough guy or a softie, a warrior, healer, teacher, or lover Sensitive Men Rising is OUR ‘collective’ story of RISING TOGETHER into self-awareness, self-acceptance, and compassionate action in the world in so many ways!

Please share this post so we can reach our goal that will allow our production team to complete the many interviews we need to begin telling the story of ALL of us!! ☺️🙏

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Giving tuesday 2022 – sensitive men rising


Actor, artist, musician, and featured celebrity – Luke Goss on Sensitive Men Rising~

At the end of the day, I just want to make it easier for future generations to find their compass, whether it be sexuality, location, or expression. Who knows what a man could be and will be if we help him decide for himself...”

Today, on this Giving Tuesday, we invite you to help us provide the mechanism that will indeed help men decide for themselves who and what they might be. Sensitive Men Rising – The Documentary is our testament, our public awakening and coming of age story as a group of men with heart, soul, empathy and compassion, and now turn our attention to lifting other men up, helping them to RISE in self-awareness, self-acceptance, and to then turn that newfound self-love into conscious leadership in this challenged and challenging world!

Donate to Sensitive Men Rising – The Documentary today during Giving Tuesday~

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Meet Dr. Saamdu Chetri, a Highly Sensitive Man!

In the 70s, Saamdu was appointed by the first elected Prime Minister of Bhutan and was under the directive of Her Royal Highness Princess Kesang Choden Wangchuck to be the Executive Director of the Gross National Happiness (GNH) initiative of Bhutan. This post was a first for the country, a first for the world, and a first for Saamdu.

Today the former Executive Director of ‘GNH’ is a teacher under Rekhi Foundation for Happiness, serving at various universities in the National Capital Region of India based out of Delhi. Despite his success, his back story was not a fairy tale scenario. He grew up thru a life of disruptive trials and tribulations, circumstances that would challenge any man, let alone a highly sensitive man.

Saamdu will be one of the HSM featured in Sensitive Men Rising – The Documentary. In the documentary, you learn how this humble man’s spiritual prowess, consciousness, and sensory processing sensitivity trait lifted him out of his early life sufferings.

Help us reach our goal on Kickstarter by Dec. 10th (we still need $5,455) so we can complete the filming for Sensitive Men Rising – The Documentary!

Michael Pluess on sensitive men rising – the documentary


Michael Pluess, Master Professor in Developmental and Behavioral Psychology from Queen Mary University in London, describes how we can support Sensitive Boys, how we can create a new perspective shift on Sensitivity as a normative genetic trait brimming with potentialities, and how Sensitive Men Rising – The Documentary can open the conversation around what it means to be ‘masculine’ and male.

Much more to come from Michael in Sensitive Men Rising!! SMR will open your eyes and awareness to a new reality of a Strong Sensitivity already embodied by many Sensitive Men!

Please support our Kickstarter campaign to help us complete filming for SMR!



Sensitive men rising – greg johnson

Greg Johnson shares some insightful, sincere, and heartfelt thoughts on Sensitive Men Rising-The Documentary, along with his way of experiencing the world, which many of us share yet express in varying ways.


A composer and musician like Greg is able to channel his emotional energies and keen sensitivities to notice subtleties into his music and into the way he moves through this life. It’s a beautiful setting to talk about Sensitivity among creative people actually creating, as with Greg here and his lovely wife, Laura!

I relate so well to the creative environment that relies on noting subtleties, instinctive actions, and ‘felt’ embodiment of channeling creative energy to our chosen mediums. In my case, it’s been painting, drawing, wheel-thrown pottery, and actively building with my hands.

Sensitive Men Rising welcomes ALL our fellow CREATIVES to enter this OPEN GALLERY SPACE we are creating on film and CONNECT with a story that speaks to YOU!

Just as with a gallery opening, enter with an open mind, a calm heart, and soak up the film’s raw human stories, the nuances of connectivity and intersectionality, settling here or there to view one story several times to glean those subtle details, and leave with a full heart and joyful optimism that Sensitive Men are so much more than when you entered the space!

Help us make Sensitive Men Rising a reality by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign 😊 🙏

Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person is now available in Japanese

I am so pleased to be able to announce that my book Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person is now available in Japanese!!

Visit Forest Publishing’s website at the link below for links to the eBook on Kindle, paperback on Amazon, and a variety of other sales platforms!

So much thanks to our fantastic partners at The English Agency Ltd. and Forest Publishing Ltd., both in Tokyo ☺️🙏

Here’s to opening the conversation in Japan on HSS/HSPs! Please share with your Japanese friends and social networks 😊🙏