Sensitive Men Rising-dr. tracy cooper

Sensitive Men Rising filming today in St. Louis, Missouri with our friend and HS men advocate/champion the wonderful Bill Allen!  SMR Co-producer Dr. Tracy Cooper, along with Lisa Cooper on audio, interviewed Bill on his insights into what it means to “walk with confidence” as a HS man, his vision for a redefined and reVisioned masculinity for the 21st century, and how we can help HS boys and teens grow into strong, confident, and empowered HS men!  Plus, so many more topics of heart and spirit sure to inspire, affirm, and build community among HS men, indeed, the entire world!

*special thanks to Bill’s delightful sister, Ginger, for her hospitality in allowing us to use her lovely home for our film set!!   

One thought on “Sensitive Men Rising-dr. tracy cooper

  1. Among others, Mr. Allen is the author of a very thoughtful weblog full of wisdom. Glad to see HIM on board for the film.


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